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What are S2 SRC safety shoes?

Puzzle-Shopping gives you the explaination you were looking for, guiding you through its great selection of the best work shoes.
Safety boots are divided according to the target protection class.
Work shoes S1, S2, S3 etc, everyone has its characteristics but all with the same aim: protect you at their best while you're working.

Safety boots S2 have the same features of S1 safety boots and therefore present a toecap and assure the worker against slipping thanks to SRC protection class.
A difference is the upper, which is water-repellent and its anti-slipping property is 60 minutes continuosly.

Professional shoes in S2 protection class are designed for middle-risks.
They are safety boots ideal for those who works in the healthcare, catering and food industry.

Choose your U-Power work shoes between all the variety you can find on Puzzle-Shopping!

If you are looking for a style that is not now proposed on the website, contact us and we'll provide to verify the availability.

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