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Are you searching for work shoes that protect you during winter?

As we know it's important, especially in winter, having the correct protection through PPE because atmospherical agents can expose workers to injuries and the cold can stop a performing work.

Puzzle-Shopping gives you the solution that, as a U-Power retailer, has selected the best winter safety shoes for you.

Work shoes are divided in protection classes and everyone has its specific features.
The best safety shoes for winter are those in S3 protection class.

What it is about?

The S3 abbreviation unifies protective toecap, external water-repellent fabric and anti-perforation sole to prtect against nails and splinters.
Often, S3 work shoes styles present an inner padding that makes the shoe more comfortable and protect during winter season.

The CI abbreviation certifies the capability to isolate the sole against the cold while SRC indicates the anti-slipping property. Therefore, they are work shoes ideal for bricklayer, constructions, carpenter and other professions too.

Didn't you find what you were looking for? No problem! Contact us to verify the availability of the products!

Choose your U-Power work shoes between the various proposals on Puzzle-Shopping!

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